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We were lucky, but we were also determined." Roy Blount Jr

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

World Sled Dog Championships

Undeterred by threats of snow squalls (which did materialise) immediately after church we drove across severely frost-heaved roads to the 79th Annual World Sled Dog Championships. This is a favourite winter event, in recent years unfortunately cancelled or delayed due to lack of snow. Or global warming, if you prefer.

It's a must for lovers and owners of Northern breeds. Killian, our late great red Siberian Husky accompanied us to sled races when we lived in Colorado. Now we've got Lola, an Alaskan Husky--the most common racing breed in these parts. Most of the dogs we saw today were Alaskans, or very mixed breeds. Oops, that's redundant...by definition, Alaskan huskies have mixed-breed ancestry.

We were there in time to watch the Junior One-Dog Races--some of those juniors were very young, more like toddlers.

There was a lull in the racing when the Governor and his wife arrived. They each took a turn driving a sled dog team, and appeared to enjoy themselves very much.

Here's the Governor with Miss Lakes Region.

The snow was really pounding down, and sometimes Miss Lakes would pull her hood up over her crown.

After they finished their ride, I went over and said hello to Gov. Lynch and Dr. Lynch. The Chap and I wandered round watching dogs being hitched up for the Lyman Memorial Open Class (teams of any size) and so did the Gov and Mrs. Dr. Gov.

Not all the Northern breeds were mushing today. Some were there to see and be seen--very classy spectators.

Here's a not-so-classy spectator.

"Don't take my picture unless there's a husky in the frame."

Eventually the Lynches headed to a different part of the Big Lake, where the Annual Ice Fishing Derby was taking place.

We had planned on a look-in at the cottage but felt we'd been snowed upon quite long enough. So we returned to the Lodge.

To see loads more fabulous pics of sled dogs, the Gov and his wife, more sled dogs, fun in the snow, etc. (with captions), go to the 2008 World Sled Dog Championship Photo Album I uploaded to Facebook. (Membership not required for viewing)

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