"It was imprudent of us, in the first place, to become authors. We could have become something regular, but we managed not to.
We were lucky, but we were also determined." Roy Blount Jr

"I don’t change the facts to enhance the drama. I think of it the other way round, the drama has got to fit the facts,
and it’s your job as a writer to find the shape in real life."
Hilary Mantel

Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Mutterings

Can you spot two dogs in this photo?

How about this one?

Here at the Lodge, it's a lazy day for those of the canine persuasion. They're recovering from last night's Grammy telecast.

We all enjoyed the show. The reunited Police were fantastic--left me wanting more and more and more. And why not a set, why just Roxanne, which wouldn't have been my tune of choice? Chicks (of the Dixie and Mary J. Blige varieties) ruled! Lionel Richie--who knew? I smell a comeback. Would've preferred hearing Earth, Wind and Fire on their own than backing Ludacris and Mary J. We had to wait way too long for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but it was worth it. Well, maybe not for the janitorial staff, responsible for the clean-up afterwards!

The necrology saddened me, as always. We lost many great spirits in the past year....Two felt like personal losses. Ian Copeland, responsible for the creation and nurturing of so many of my groups. And Phil Walden, a force of nature and an influential Southern music maven.

The late great Phil's first wife was my first swimming teacher. I don't blame her for my lack of proficiency. Subsequent teachers were no more successful. My own limitations account for the fact that the only stroke I've perfected over the years is a singular one more nearly resembling the "dog paddle".

When not scoping out a presidential candidate or attending church, I kept close to home with my eyes glued to the windows, watching those bird feeders. It was the weekend of the Backyard Bird Survey sponsored annually by the Audubon Society. Here's the result I'll be submitting to the organisation:

12 blue jays
6 juncoes
6 chickadees
2 red-breasted nuthatches
2 titmouses
2 mourning doves
2 downy woodpeckers (1 male, 1 female)
2 hairy woodpeckers (1 male, 1 female--last week's rescue bird!)
2 American goldfinches
1 nuthatch
1 sparrow (whose type I've not yet identified to my satisfaction)

3 grey squirrels
2 red squirrels

Unfortunately, our cardinal pair have been absent the past few days, so they aren't included.

Weather prognosticators warn us of a mid-week snowstorm. Could this be the Big One? All winter we've been waiting for a real blizzard, with accumulation that's deeper than wee Ruth is high. She enjoys the snow, but so far her snow plowing skills really haven't been tested!

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show begins tonight. There's 2-hour broadcast of 24. Shaping up as a major "viewing conflict"!

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