"It was imprudent of us, in the first place, to become authors. We could have become something regular, but we managed not to.
We were lucky, but we were also determined." Roy Blount Jr

"I don’t change the facts to enhance the drama. I think of it the other way round, the drama has got to fit the facts,
and it’s your job as a writer to find the shape in real life."
Hilary Mantel

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday Stroll

Yesterday's sunshine and 55 degrees caused a lot of melting, and rainfall overnight turned some of our snow piles into slush piles.

This morning the girls climbed up a hill...then down again.

Here at the Lodge mud season is evident from the ruts in the drives and along our private road. (The town portion of the road is even worse!)

In our church garden, snow has pulled away from groundcover plants, revealing vibrant life!

Returned home, where it's drip, drip, drip everywhere--from rooftop, in the gutters. While I updated the parish website, the Chap took the dogs for a walk. Ruth and Jewel returned with damp bellies from leaping into slush banks, and paws less muddy than I expected. I think he walked them through some snow to clean their feet before bringing them indoors!

Another sign of spring--MEP has shorter hair. Photos coming...soon. Soon-ish.

For more strolling, head over this way!

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