"It was imprudent of us, in the first place, to become authors. We could have become something regular, but we managed not to.
We were lucky, but we were also determined." Roy Blount Jr

"I don’t change the facts to enhance the drama. I think of it the other way round, the drama has got to fit the facts,
and it’s your job as a writer to find the shape in real life."
Hilary Mantel

Monday, September 28, 2009

Musical Monday Morning on the Big Lake

I did come here yesterday after church, on my own. It rained all day and into the night. Did plenty of writng and finished up in time to watch the double-episode debut of The Amazing Race followed by Mad Men. I used to have a retro summer floral print dress (I think it was Lanz) that looked very much like the one Betty wore when she met Henry at the bakery. I want another one! Even though the season for wearing it appears to be past.

I took the photo at 7 o'clock or earlier, when the sun is rising behind our hillside and casting a glow on the mountains across the Bay.

I'll be working here today and heading back to the Lodge later.

I'm using the Chap's laptop. Mine is at the repair shop for what I hope is a minor issue. A plague of electronic mishaps has broken out. Yesterday when I arrived here I dropped my camera on the hardwood floor and messed up the hinge of the little compartment that holds the SD card. Camera won't power up if the door doesn't close property, which it doesn't always do now. The pop-up flash stopped working properly a month ago. After adding up all these signs of wear and tear, I ordered a new camera. I'll have a few weeks to break it in (not literally!) before my next trip.

After I finish the two scenes before me today I mean to review and polish the ones I completed last week. When writing historical events I had the advantage of many eyewitness accounts. For the funeral scene, I can also listen to the real-life "soundtrack."

I've got Purcell's full funeral score on cd but it's at the other house.

When I listen to the dirge-like funeral march I can easily picture the scene--the trumpeters and drummers preceding the members of Parliament and all the aristocracy as well as the royal household as they wended their way from Whitehall to Westminster. And my female protagonist walking slowly behind the cortege, the train of her gown trailing in the snow.

Not a very cheeful piece of music, but it's very majestic.

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