"It was imprudent of us, in the first place, to become authors. We could have become something regular, but we managed not to.
We were lucky, but we were also determined." Roy Blount Jr

"I don’t change the facts to enhance the drama. I think of it the other way round, the drama has got to fit the facts,
and it’s your job as a writer to find the shape in real life."
Hilary Mantel

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Birthday

"I hope I look exactly like her when I grow up."

I confess, I do enjoy celebrating my nativity on the only date in the entire year that expresses a command.

March Forth!

As indeed I must, for this is a very busy day.

Festivities of a wild and exuberant nature must wait. In the evening I shall be curled up on the sofa in a heap of dogs, imbibing pink plonk and watching election returns. Suits me perfectly. In '08 my birthday wishes are political, not material.

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